Gareth (v0rtex) wrote in closecutcult,

Hedi Slimane Article from the Observer

Quiet here.

Great interview in The Observer with Hedi Slimane, originally published in September.

'There's so many connotations in muscles and virility, I find it crap. I'm not interested. I'm really interested in how masculinity is in your head. That's what I worked on. And Paul Simenon [of the Clash] and all these heroes had that strength. But it's not something they expressed through their body. I was always more interested in the psychology rather than the science of life. Like power and masculinity. For instance, when I started to do suits, I always really loved tailoring, but I was surprised how it was meaning things that I didn't quite understand - that sense of power and stature. I just wanted it to be a pure piece of almost hedonistic pleasure. For me it was a very normal thing to have. And a whole generation of guys never wore suits. You wore a jacket, if you go to a wedding, you borrow it.'
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