Renwick Vel Eros (renwick) wrote in closecutcult,
Renwick Vel Eros

My Prada Suit Finally Arrived from Chicago

Here are the pics

I lightened them a bit to show the detail, notice the odd cuffs. Prada is doing all their clothes with an almost inside out look.
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you're a very handsome guy.
plus with that suit on, meow! :)
:)thanks. I love that suit. I love suits in general. Right now I'm wearing a gray armani suit.
very fancy :)
:) I checked out your pics too- very pretty. Rowr!
lol, thanx *blushes*
I saw your pictures - you're very pretty too. How'd you find my journal BTW?
yay, thanx; I was looking at an interest for pencil skirts and that was one of the three communities that had it as an interest. Well, that's where I saw your pics.
Ahh. I see. The fashionfiends community. cool
yeah :) I see you and some other guy are the only ones there.....
:) there are like 4 people that post regularly. I also post at


October 30 2005, 00:55:25 UTC 11 years ago

You look like an office boy.