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27th July 2014

staryu4:19pm: Anything happening?
Saint Laurent collections have been decent

17th March 2007

inkyoto9:39am: Dior Homme iPod Cases
does someone know if there will be any new iPod cases for the new generation iPods? I'm tempted to buy one off ebay, but they're from the first generation iPods and i fear that the screen will be obstructed by the case itself. any information will be more than helpful. thanks.

19th September 2006

inkyoto3:28pm: Dior Homme Videos
Four youtube videos from four different Dior Homme collections: Solitaire Fashion Week 2001/02, Spring/Summer 2003, Spring 2005, and the most recent, Spring 2007.

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16th September 2006

always_golden9:42pm: hello, i was wondering if anyone has scanned the picture of Hedi Slimane in The New Yorker, March 16th 2006 issue. ive been wanting to use the picture but i dont have a scanner so i cant scan the magazine....so yeah does anyone have it? =)

7th September 2006

v0rtex6:09pm: Request for Maintainer Contact
Could ex_garconne626 please contact me if s/he is reading?

If anyone knows how to contact him/her, could they ask them to get in contact about the ongoing maintenance of this community?

My e-mail address is "gareth dot s dot price at gmail dot com" (masked to avoid spambots).

30th March 2006

shewillfall5:53pm: a very recent article on hedi slimane, posted in the new yorker.


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17th February 2006

shewillfall8:47pm: not really fashion
ive posted some excerpts from hedi slimane's books in my journal
shewillfall8:43pm: Dior Homme Soundtracks
Winter 04/05 Phoenix
Summer 05 Beck
Winter 05/06 Razorlight
Summer 06 The Rakes
Winter 06/07 Eight Legs (brand new!)

10th December 2005

v0rtex11:50am: Hedi Slimane Article from the Observer
Quiet here.

Great interview in The Observer with Hedi Slimane, originally published in September.

'There's so many connotations in muscles and virility, I find it crap. I'm not interested. I'm really interested in how masculinity is in your head. That's what I worked on. And Paul Simenon [of the Clash] and all these heroes had that strength. But it's not something they expressed through their body. I was always more interested in the psychology rather than the science of life. Like power and masculinity. For instance, when I started to do suits, I always really loved tailoring, but I was surprised how it was meaning things that I didn't quite understand - that sense of power and stature. I just wanted it to be a pure piece of almost hedonistic pleasure. For me it was a very normal thing to have. And a whole generation of guys never wore suits. You wore a jacket, if you go to a wedding, you borrow it.'

29th January 2005

screenage9:18pm: I went to see F-systems at Dover street, has anyone else been. I shall post pics later, a sales assistant was like stop taking photos the shop is nervous about photos being taken, strange.

20th December 2004

lalaladolcevita8:35pm: MENSWEAR S/S 05
As everyone knows menswear is the fear to tread waters of the fashion industry. Taking risks is not something that is too frequent and playing it safe is a common mantra for most designers. Men simply can't get away with the things women can. Even Comme des Garçons, the poster-child of Avant Garde fashion, recognize that while over-constructed biker jackets and exaggerated tutus can be sent out on the runway for girls, they must keep to basic suits and stay the course with relatively reserved clothes for the boys. There however many designers (CDG included) who are making progress in menswear with new cuts and fits, keen aesthetics, and a sense of fun and adventure that had previously been kept to the world of femme couture. Let's hear it for the boys

My Top 5 of S/S 05 Progressive Homme Couture

Bernhard Wilhem- This german/dutch designer who makes nostalgic and playful clothes for women has translated those same qualities for men. His recent Spring/Summer 05 show revealed a bright and contrasting color palette, bold patterns, and a quite unique and unconventional silhouette. Taking a cue from Japanese work-wear he had strong checkered prints, inflated cropped pants, and astonishing construction detail fit for a 19th century corset. His clothes are definitely for the men but are still fun, wearable, and truly unique.

Comme des Garçons- While Rei Kawakubo does not employ the same sense of innovation and deconstructionism as she does in her femme collection, she does have much to offer the menswear arena. Her Spring/Summer 05 collection featured pink as a main component and not just a smidge of a polo shirt or basic t-shirt (the standard limit for most men's will to dabble with the color). Instead she brought it on with entire suits, jackets, and trouser in various values of the tinted color. She also employed bold patterns of pink and complimenting neutrals that remained masculine yet bubbled slightly over the limits of traditional menswear.

Dior Homme- Hedi Slimane is known for his slim and sleek tailoring, effeminate accents, and radically tight silhouette. In his S/S 05 collection he did not disappoint. He took an even further delve into youth culture which he had been exploring in past seasons as well as his photography efforts (intermission, berlin). He offered up this season a collection with such a youthful bend that it almost made no room for traditional mens suits that are frequent in most Dior shows. Instead there were fuschia jeans, gold sports-jackets, and grungy prints suitable for the indie rock scene of the early 90's. His clothes this season were boyish, subtle, and filled with the progressive spirit of rock n roll.

Henrik Vibskov- Henrik came out with a collection full of some of the most wearable yet thoughtful clothes the designer has yet to show. It had a an urban/street flair definitely for the young male with a bit of an attitude. What made the clothes so interesting is that they maintain that attitude while implementing youthful details and cropped sports trousers, Day-Glo patterns white fabric, and and a soft silhouette. Less couture and more approachable for the everyday man than other designers but still as forward pushing as any other.

Raf Simons- The furniture designer turned tailor moved far away from the hippie/hare krishna look he had last S/S. In a similar vein of his A/W show he showcased brutally graphic tailoring, a sleek and exact silhouette, an the finishing details that have made Raf Simons the reigning king of menswear. This season color was absent in favor of mostly black and mostly white looks. Ranging from twilight hour coats to heavenly jackets the pieces were majestic, grand, and empowering. Even with the straightforward tailoring Simons included pieces that had such beautiful construction you would have expected it to be for women. Raf Simons playing off traditional menswear tailoring managed to push it's application into waters few other designers have sailed.

honorable mentions
John Galliano Homme
Dries Van Noten Homme
Stephen Schneider
Alexander Mcqueen Men
Junya Watanabe
Siv Stodal

24th September 2004

jthomas198611:39pm: Hmm...
Does anyone live in London here? If so, did you have a chance to go see "F SYSTEM" at the comme des garcons store on dover street? I thought it was here in SoHo -_-
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13th June 2004

trollhunter3:23pm: Oh my...
I am beyond obsessed with mr. slimane.

Does anyone know where you can order dior homme clothes online?

8th December 2003

energized5:00pm: indecisive.
what should i name my clothing label?

if you have ANY ideas please reply.
i dont care if you think its stupid.

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5th November 2003

incroyable129:48pm: Hello,

This forum doesn't seem to have much activity or members. However I have a strong penchant for Dior Homme. Being vain as I am I can say that I am one of the faiRly few who can fit into Dior Homme. Unfortunately their pieces are rather high priced.

Perhaps I should be like Karl Lagerfeld, and buy out the whole collections?

5th September 2003

energized3:37pm: brilliant
i almost made a community about dior homme a few days ago so im glad i found this one. doesn't look too active though, unfortunately. i love hedi's designs. too bad i dont have near enough money to buy them. maybe someday... until then all i can do is watch and talk about them. so here i am. hi everyone.

ps: im doing a project on dior for my fashion class and its going to be really rad so maybe i'll post pictures of it if i can.
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9th September 2002

ex_garconne6267:42pm: high waisted trousers?
unfortunately, my support lies with the tapering torso.

long live the low slung.

24th August 2002

ex_garconne6268:24pm: enough of womenswear
the male silhouette is so much more dignified and elegant. take that, marc jacobs..

13th August 2002

ex_garconne62612:22pm: the future
what was once known as androgynous will become the new masculinity
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